Your Needs

Traffic generation

Want to generate traffic on targeted contacts based on the profiles of your customers or prospects? We provide you with our databases through different channels (BtoB and BtoC) to communicate effectively on new profiles and generate traffic on your physical or digital points of sale.

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Depending on your needs, we support you towards the ideal lever to generate traffic in a physical location: store, concession or points of sale. Generation of media traffic, digital device to maximize the ROI of your campaigns … Our advisers support you in sending the right message to the right person in order to obtain the best performance.

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Mechanics adapted

In close collaboration with your departments, we develop direct marketing operations: emailing campaigns, Push SMS, paper mailing. We adapt each campaign through different levers for your physical or digital traffic, such as targeting the catchment area (radius of 2, 5, 10.20 km, etc.) around your stores or delivery points.

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MKD Groupe advantage: speed and efficiency

We support you through all the steps of your project. Our strengths according to our clients? Our speed and the effectiveness of the campaigns we run for them. Measuring performance and controlling your budget are also our priorities.